The Future Of CPSIA Compliance Has Arrived!

CPSIA READY©        Product-Centric Complete CPSIA Compliance Solution

CPSIA Ready is the first and only product-based complete compliance software platform and services solution that gives manufacturing and importing companies the ability to quickly and effectively comply with all aspects of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). Our innovative solution not only provides an internal, executive dashboard to show immediate proof-of-compliance, the system produces the necessary documentation to share with distributors, custom brokers, retailers, governmental officials and others requesting compliance documentation. We walk you through operational readiness with our critical path approach to compliance. As all companies are different, you still need to customize your compliance plan to suit your companies needs but we give you the steps and infrastructure to do it without having to build your own.

Our software platform and services have been expertly designed to leverage and dramatically improve a company’s entire suite of operational processes– not simply as it relates to exercising ‘due care’ outlined by the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) recent and rigorous legal mandates, but across a company’s core financial, IT and processing systems. CPSIA Ready keeps you CPSIA-Compliant.


Highlights of our CPSIA Ready solution include:

  • Company landing page with place for your compliance plan, company documents and access to Undue Influence, Material Change and Periodic Testing online training;
  • Enabling you to swiftly and easily respond to current and pending compliance mandates;
  • Allowing you to quickly create and send compliance certificates to your retailers/distributors;
  • Managing the material changes within your products;
  • Centralizing and storing test reporting and compliance documentation; and
  • Reducing your documentation storage costs in a tightly secured, cloud-based environment.


Created with a highly intuitive user interface, CPSIA Ready gives companies the ability to reduce the time and resources needed to be compliant, as well as provide the robust tools to enable significant bottom-line benefits. We offer more than a compliance solution, we can literally help you protect, improve and transform your business.